Friday, September 8, 2017

Noisebridge, a Do-ocratic Hackerspace, Celebrates 10th Anniversary

For a decade now, Noisebridge has beckoned its visitors up two flights of pastel-colored rainbow steps from Mission Street. The self described anarchist collective hackerspace, Noisebridge (NB) is a “do-ocracy,” that encourages its members to “Be excellent to each other.” In fact, that’s the space’s only rule. This weekend, September 9th and 10th, Noisebridge will have its 10th anniversary Exhibition + Ball. It promises to be a visual treat akin to a Maker Faire, meets a Science fair with a side of “Afterburn.”
This weekend, I sat down on a record hot September day with founding member Mitch Altman to gain more insight into the space, how it began and how the mission solidified into the place we are sitting. 
In 1986, Mitch was driving through Alaska, stopped off in the Bay Area, and knew it was his home. Altman started Noisebridge because he “saw technology being used against individuals, not empowering individuals.” This is a noble goal in an era where AI technology is being used to simultaneously profile criminals, and bring you cashless shoppingexperiences. Altman, along with another founder, Jake attended the 2007 Chaos Communications Camp (CCC), and attended the How To Start Your Own Hackerspace session. Noisebridge had its first meeting at the camp. Within the first of the 2007 CCC, four new physical hacker spaces were formed, including the Hacktory, Hack DC, and NYC Resistor. 
View the full article here, at The Bay City Beacon, and the photo essay here.
See the list of events on the NB Wiki, and RSVP via Eventbrite.  Events are free!
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